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Christians on the continent of Africa have a birthright that awaits their full discovery.” 

Thomas C. Oden


First International Consultation on Early African Christianity 2008

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​In November 2018, along with the Institute of Classical Christianity Studies, we hosted a symposium The Rediscovery of the City of God in New York City. The two-day event gathered scholars, pastors, international church leaders to explore themes in relation to Thomas Oden’s legacy: Classical Christianity, Ancient Christianity, spiritual renewal, and building bridges within the historic communities of faith. 

Pictured Right: Oden family members at the 2018 Symposium

Thomas Oden was the Henry Anson Buttz Professor of Theology and Ethics Emeritus at The Theological School and the Graduate School of Drew University, a chair he held from 1980 to 2004. In 2005, after eleven years focused on the editing of the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, Thomas turned his focus to African Christianity, in particular, early Libyan Christianity. After a year he set the book aside, and wrote How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind. In this short volume, he outlined the key thesis of the Center-- Africa played a decisive role in the formation of Christian culture-- and invited others to offer their own skills in solving its problems. Soon after, with Thomas as the founding director the Center for Early African Christianity was launched. 


Libyan Lecture Series

Thomas Oden explores historical Christianity and the contributions of ancient Libya to world Christianity.


Thomas C. Oden

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I.   A Libyan History Awaiting Discovery

The ancient culture and historical underpinnings of the people of Libya.


Thomas C. Oden

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II.   Christian Beginnings in Cyrene 

The movement of intellectual history from south to north.


Thomas C. Oden

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III.   From Marmarica to Tripolitania

The Christian presence in Cyrene and interactions between North Africa and Asia Minor.


Thomas C. Oden

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IV.   Why Are We Talking About Lybia?

Final remarks and thoughts about the impacts of Libyan and African Christianity.

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