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Christianity Today - Coptic Violence

Violence in Egypt Continues

May. 26, 2013

by Joel Elowsky

We were recently made aware of a couple of stories regarding violence and perhaps also persecution against Christians in Egypt and elsewhere in Africa. One such story speaks of an altercation that occurred in Alexandria, what some believe to be the birthplace of Christianity on the African continent. Last week there were reported clashes between Muslims and Christians. The incident concerned a Coptic man who allegedly sexually harassed a Muslim woman in Alexandria's el-Dekheila suburb. One man died and many were injured. The man's death was reported as a heart attack, although there were other conflicting reports of injuries. You can read about the violence following this link to the Christian Persecution Magazine.  Pope Tawardros II has spoken out in against what seems increasing violence against the Coptic Church with little intervention or protection from the government. We continue to keep our Coptic brothers and sisters in our prayers.