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Copts in Libya

Copts in Libya

May. 10, 2013

by Joel Elowsky

We received the following letter from one of our friends in Cairo about the persecution of Copts in Libya.

"I am writing to you today regarding your book on Christianity in Libya. You may be following the news…last month the Libyan government arrested 100 Copts and charged them with “evangelism.” Last week, Mr. Ezzat Hakim, one of the men arrested, died due to torture. Last night, I was with some of his family members and other supporters at the airport, waiting for the arrival of his body. It was a very difficult time! I do not know him, but it was a heartbreaking moment to see this injustice done—especially with no political response from our Islamist government."

Tom Oden's book on early Libyan Christianity was mentioned by our friend as a resource for Christians in North Africa. The book is going to be published in Arabic within the next year, God-willing.

To learn more about the Copts in Libya, you may also be interested in a story published in Christianity Today by Jayson Casper in Cairo and Khalid Fahmi in Khartoum