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New Online Map Resource

Apr. 29, 2013

by Joel Elowsky

There is a new resource out on the web that has amazing potential for future work with CEAC.Iit is a map of the ancient world based on the Barrington Atlas. The map has interactive features which make it a great resource for being able to have a visual trace, for instance, of the lives of early African pastors, theologians, monks, etc. A link to the map can be found here and also on our online resources area of our website. We hope to provide some online maps in the future concerning various African Fathers and figures in the future.

Further Information on the map may be found at the following site at the Pelagios Project blog spot.

An excerpt from the blog states: "We are releasing the map with a CC-BY license, allowing anyone not only to browse and consult it but also to use it for representing their own data or to build on it their own applications, provided that they include a proper scholarly attribution. What is more, the map can be used with OpenLayers, Google and Bing maps, so that anybody, who already has these systems in place, can easily swap out the map tiles for these historical ones."