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Scholarship Winners in Patristic Exegesis Announced

Nov. 30, 2012

by Joel Elowsky

Institute for Classical Christian Studies is proud to announce the award winners for our first annual prize for the best papers in Patristic Exegesis.
First Prize: David Wilhite, Assist. Prof. of Theology, Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor University for his paper True Church or True Basilica? The Song of Songs and Parmenian’s Ecclesiology Revisited.
Second Prize: Peter Martens, Assistant Professor of Theology Saint Louis University for his article Origen against History? Reconsidering the Critique of Allegory.
Third Prize: Michel Willy Limbambu Professor Catholic University of Congo, Kinshsha, Congo. Exegese de Rom 11, 36 D’apres Augustin: Notes sur la Trinité créatrice dans le « De fide et symbolo.