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CEAC Meets with West African Evangelicals

Aug. 17, 2012

by Joel Elowsky

Dr. Michael Glerup, executive director of the CEAC is currently at a meeting sponsored by FATEAC (the evangelical seminary in Abidjan) in coordination with CITAF (tThe Council of theological institutions in french-speaking Africa (Conseil des Institutions Théologiques d'Afrique Francophone) and the Overseas Council International (a US foundation). The theme of the general assembly is "Pour un Enseignement Africain: Enracine´ dans l'Ecriture et Sensible au Contexte." 

In this conference participants will focus on African education that is rooted in Scripture and sensitive to the different contexts in which that education has and will take place. The CEAC understands the deep rootedness of African Christianity and its influence on African education--such has been the case ever since the time of the 2nd century school of Alexandria influenced not only early African Christianity, but world Christianity.
We are pleased to be a part of this conference and also to serve as a resource for the West African Francophone churches who are in partnership with us. We have facilitated the distribution of over 2000 copies of the French translation of "How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind" through the SIM's Pastors book project.
A future article will provide more detail on the conference. Please keep Dr Glerup and the conference participants in your prayers. BTW They have distributed 2000+ copies of HASCM in French through the SIM's Pastors book project.