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CEAC Research Fellow David Wilhite co-edited a new book on Tertullian and Paul published by: Bloomsbury T&T Clark

Jan. 12, 2015

by Christian Clark

Tertullian and Paul brings together patristics experts on numerous topics such as: bishops (A. Brent and N. T. Wright); the authority of Scripture against heretics (E. Ferguson and C. K. Rothschild); eschatology (W. Tabernee and B. Witherington III); God and Christology (A. B. McGowan and M. F. Bird); women (E. A. Clark and M. Y. MacDonald); Spirit and prophecy (D. E. Wilhite and J. D. G. Dunn); claiming Paul (S. Cooper and B. W. Longenecker); Paul and Israel (G. D. Dunn and J. M. G. Barclay); wealth (H. Rhee and W. Carter); and martyrdom (C. Moss and T. D. Still).

Each of these experts vary in their interpretations.  For instance, many of the New Testament respondents are providing their perspective on Tertullian in regard to his comprehension of Paul within the approach provided by the patristics experts.  In regards to the patristics experts themselves, different levels of Pauline inclusion; some displaying Paul as a supporting underlying theme in reference to Tertullian, whereas others incorporate Paul as a far more integral component.  Such variance provides rich insight into the difficulty of assessing cultures and their approaches within the given time frame and a  profound look into how Tertullian would view Paul.  

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