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Gonzalez Augustine Book Cover

Latin American View of Augustine - a Review

by Alberto Garcia

Introducción a la teología mestiza de San Agustín. Justo L. González. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2013. Pp. 161.
We are already accustomed to expect scholarly and ground breaking contributions in the areas of Church history and U.S. Latino/Hispanic theology when reading Justo González’s volume of work. This volume, by way of an introduction, will not disappoint us. It offers to church historians and theologians alike a new way in approaching our Western theological tradition for our edification and pastoral work. González accomplishes this goal by interpreting Augustine, who is considered the theologian par excellence in the development of Western theology, through

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The Justice of God Prevails

by Joel Elowsky

But the devil had to be overcome not by the power of God but by his justice. For what is more powerful than the omnipotent? What creature’s power can be compared with the power of the creator? Through the fault of his own turning away the devil became a lover of power and a deserter and opponent of justice; and people imitate him more fully the more they ignore or even detest justice and set their hearts on power, consumed either by delight in its acquisition or by desire for its possession. So in rescuing humankind from the power of

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Finding Augustine

by Joel Elowsky with Michael Glerup

Finding Augustine: Online Resource

Finding Augustine, is an accessible bibliographical collection concerning Augustine of Hippo and his legacy. This is the product of an international collaboration between institutions of higher learning in Europe and America. References include titles in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The project is co-sponsored by Villanova University and the Catholic University of Leuven.

We recommend you check it out. It is a good starting place for research on Augustine.

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Pope Victor

Next Pope an African?

by Joel Elowsky

The recent announcement that Pope Benedict, a friend to our recently completed Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture project, has turned speculation towards who might succeed Benedict. Many are wondering if the cardinals gathered in conclave in the Sistine chapel might select someone from Asia, Latin America, or, perhaps, Africa. One headline even reads "Africa: Pontifex Africanus: Could the Next Pope be African?" (By Luke Lythgoe, 11 February 2013, All

For those who have studied early African Christianity, we know this, of course, would not be the first time an African was named pope. We read in the Liber Pontificalis of

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Thomas Oden

Core Hypothesis of Center for Early African Christianity

by Joel Elowsky with Thomas Oden

When the CEAC was first organized, one of the first issues we struggled with was whether or not we were needed or not. We knew that that were very talented scholars and church leaders in Africa who would be capable of carrying on the work we were proposing.

We decided to hold a consultation in 2008 to consult with these scholars and church leaders. We invited key leaders from all different parts of Africa and from many different denominations, including Coptic, Ethiopian, Catholics, Evangelicals, etc., both scholars and church leaders. Thomas Oden, the Director of the Center, presented the following core

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Ethiopian Double Sided Gospel Leaf

African Christianity in Ethiopia

by Joel Elowsky

Along with Egyptian Christianity, one of the longest and most enduring Christian cultures on the continent of Africa is that of the Ethiopian Church. Christian histories by Rufinus and Socrates Scholasticus tell us about how the kingdom of "India"  (the ancient name for Ethiopia) was converted to Christianity by Frumentius. The story, as reported by the ancient church historians Sozomen, Socrates Scholasticus and Theodoret can be read by following the links provided. There is, however, also the story told in art as can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Emma George

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St. Cyril of Alexandria

Resurrection and the Body - Cyril of Alexandria:

by Joel Elowsky

By his unexpected entry through closed doors Christ proved once more that by nature he was God and also that he was none other than the one who had lived among them. By showing his wounded side and the marks of the nails, he convinced us beyond a doubt that he had raised the temple of his body, the very body that had hung upon the cross. He restored that body which he had worn, destroying death’s power over all flesh, for as God, he was life itself. Why would he need to show them his hands and side if,

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Cyprian and Temptation

by Joel Elowsky

Early African Christians knew what it was like to engage in spiritual warfare on a daily basis. Cyprian, bishop of Carthage (d. Sept 14, 258) knew the struggles of his parishioners in North Africa. These struggles with temptation are as relevant today as they were in the third century. Today we are concerned about the rampant corruption, greed, promiscuity that confront us at every turn. It was no less in third century North Africa:

Our warfare is with avarice, with immodesty, with anger, with ambition; our trying and toilsome wrestling with carnal vices, with
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